What is «Technology «IMMUNCULUS»»?

Technology «IMMUNCULUS» is a combination of diagnostic techniques based on estimates of the blood serum content of a great number of autoantibodies the changes of which can show the development or existence of pathological changes in certain organs of the human body.

Technology «IMMUNCULUS» makes it possible to:

  •  Carry out an early diagnostics of adults’ and children’s health status;
  •  Evaluate the state of the reproductive health of women and men;
  •  Clarify the diagnosis of clinically ambiguous situations;
  •  Estimate the effectiveness and adequacy of the applied treatment for each patient individually;
  •  Predict expected changes in the health status and recommend measures aimed at reducing or preventing the risk of diseases’ development.

The research is conducted using methods of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay of ELI-test group (abbr. from Enzyme-Linked-Immuno Tests). The theoretical basis of technology "Immunculus" is the viewing the role of the immune system not only as a viruses and bacteria "fighter", but primarily as a regulator of various physiological functions. It is the immune system that reflects the peculiarities of the state of organs and systems of the human body and this state can be objectively evaluated at the molecular level by the quantity of autoantibodies which are produced by the immune system to "clean" the organs from dead cells and other wastages.

The healthy people’s levels of autoantibodies to antigens of the same organs are more or less identical and their decrease or increase means illness. The persistent (for more than 3 weeks) raise of serum content of autoantibodies to one or more antigens of this or that organ indicates the pathology inside it, though the clinical signs of a disease may become evident months and even years afterwards, which can be explained by a high safety margin of the human body.

The test-system "ELI-P-Complex-12" will help to evaluate the state of the female reproductive system and to prepare for a successful pregnancy.

The test-system "ELI-Viscero-Test-24" will help to identify a deviation from the norm at the early stages.

The highly specialized test-systems of ELI-test group will help to evaluate the state of heart, liver, stomach and intestines, pancreas, insulin receptors, immune and nervous systems of the examined person.

The technology "Immunculus" is unique because it:

  •  Allows to diagnose various somatic, endocrine, neurological and other diseases of different genesis (not only autoimmune);
  •  Is based on using a unique set of antigens;
  •  Offers a wide range of test-systems for a complex examination of the state of the human body (as well as for the prognosis of the possible development of diseases of various organs and for further clarifying the diagnosis);
  •  Allows to estimate individually the effectiveness and adequacy of the treatment used;
  •  Embodies the latest knowledge on the immune system functions;
  •  Being innovative, the technology remains affordable in price;
  •  Can be used on the basis of standard equipment for enzyme immunoassays (EIAs) of both foreign and domestic production.
  • The main versions of technology were tested in the medical clinical practice (many of them have been used for more than 10 years).